Friday, August 11, 2017

Fake My GPS

Fake My GPS allows you to select a custom GPS location that will be seen

by apps of your choosing. This module simulates location using the device's
built-in location providers and does not require the "mock locations" setting.

Possible uses for this module include:

-Setting your exact location in an area with poor satellite visibility.
-Increased privacy by not sending your exact location to apps that request it.
-Save battery life by reducing polling to the GPS radio.
-And more!

NOTE: You must enable location services to use this
module. All location providers are supported (network, GPS, fused)

This module also requires Google Play Servicesfor the maps engine and place

✓App blacklisting support (don't send Fake GPS to specified apps)
✓Doesn't run in the background
✓Persistent notification message (option to disable it)
✓Place picker with full text search
✓Store up to 10 frequently used locations*
✓Customize map view for either normal, satellite, hybrid or terrain
✓Altitude faking**
✓Joystick overlay to simulate live movement in fake location

*You can add a favorite by long-pressing the address info card. Favorites can also
be renamed by long-pressing on the favorite item in the list.

**Altitude is calculated using the selected GPS location's elevation data. Essentially,
this sets your fake altitude to ground level (relative to sea level) for that particular

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017 - 05:16


✓Fixed address lookup and search

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