Monday, April 10, 2017

X Messenger Privacy

Block "typing" (3 dots) indication

Hide like (thumbs up) button in conversations to prevent accidental presses

Hide like (thumbs up) button in expanded notifications

Hide "Invite to Messenger" banner & button in conversations with people not using Messenger

Block message "seen" indication from appearing to others (premium version)

Click twice on a message in a thread, to manually mark it seen (premium version)

Hide your chat status completely (also hide online minutes) (premium version)

Facebook app stealth mode: Hide online status when using Facebook app (for Android prior to 5.0, use a Facebook app version <100 or >=103) (premium version)

See who's online, while appearing offline by using the two above features (premium version)

Hide audio & video call buttons in conversations, to prevent accidental presses (premium version)

Hide call status, by completely disabling VoIP (premium version)

Compatibility: Requires Android 4.1.2+. Not tested on Android 4.4.4-.

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- Bugfixes
- Update for upcoming versions

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