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The general purpose of this module is that it allows users to bypass root detection and enable device spoofing tactics (if need to be) on all your favourite Kiwi applications such as TVNZ OnDemand, 3NOW, ANZ GoMoney New Zealand and (any carrier variant of) Semble so users with rooted or non-supported devices can take advantage of these services that were previously disabled for them.

If you are Australian and are looking for a similar feature to use with the ANZ Mobile Pay application, click here.

XDA Thread
For the latest information, please go the XDA Thread as I do not update this information here regularly. Additionally all the information here is better formatted in the XDA thread.

The author and contributors of SuperKiwi as well as ANZ, Semble, TVNZ, Mediaworks and their partners take no responsibility for any loss of data, monetary loss, damage to your device or any other consequences that arise as a result of using this program.


Known Bugs and Issues
Please go to the XDA thread to learn more about them.


ANZ GoMoney NZ

Bypass Root Detection - Enabling this will disable root checks and detection allowing you to use GoMoney Wallet

Spoof Device - Spoofs your device brand and model (without modifiying the build.prop) so you can enable GoMoney Wallet.

Enable Screenshots - Toggle the ability to screenshot within the application where you previously wouldn't be able to.


Bypass Root Detection - Enabling this will disable root checks and detection allowing you to use Semble. Works with any variant of Semble (either from Vodafone, 2Degrees or Spark)

Spoof Device - Spoofs your device information (without modifying the build.prop) so you can use Semble payment services.

Unofficial Android OS Support - Spoofs your device's Android version to an older version so Marshmallow users can use Semble.

TVNZ OnDemand

Bypass Root Detection - Enabling this will disable root checks and detection allowing you to watch OnDemand videos.

Bypass HDMI Detection - Enabling this will disable TVNZ's ability to detect whether a HDMI connection is present, allowing you to watch OnDemand videos on TV screens and monitors. This feature is a work-in-progress and highly experimental.


Bypass Root Detection - Enabling this will disable root checks and detection allowing you to watch 3NOW on-demand videos.


Android 4.4 or higher

NFC-enabled (with HCE Support) Device

One of the following supported Applications installed

ANZ GoMoney New Zealand Application

Semble for Vodafone/Spark/2Degrees Application

TVNZ OnDemand Application

3NOW Application


Download and install the module

Open the module's UI application from your launcher and set the settings to your liking.

An Xposed notification should appears stating to "Activate and reboot". Click that option and wait for your device to restart. Note, if this message doesn't appear, then open the Xposed Installer application, go to the module section, activate the module and restart manually.

If its the first time you installed this module and depending on the applications you are going to be using, you may need to clear the data and cache. For ANZ goMoney App, its highly recommended. For Semble, 3NOW and TVNZ OnDemand, this isn't necessary.

You're Done! Open either Semble or 3NOW to see if any root detection messages appear. If the module is working correctly, then you shouldn't get any root detection messages and all features should be able in working order.

Additonal Instructions
ANZ goMoney NZ disabling features as soon as root is detected, it may be possible that you will have to clear all data and cache of the ANZ goMoney application if the changes are not visible and ANZ has already detected root on your device. Additionally, if you toggle the Spoofing feature, you also have clear all data and cache of the ANZ GoMoney application because it registers the spoof device settings when on you login for the first time. Therefore therefore keep your account number and password handy.

Semble, TVNZ onDemand, 3NOW
These applications don't need to have their cache or data cleared.

Help and FAQ's
Help and FAQ's are provided within the application.

Contact Me
If you have any queries, feature requests or general feedback, you can make a post on the XDA thread. You can also contact me via XDA PMTwitter or email me. Generally its better to post in the XDA thread as me as well as other community members can help.

The source code is licensed under GNU General Public License v3 ( )

If this module helped you, a donation or a simple 'Thank you' via XDA would be nice.



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Friday, April 14, 2017 - 06:46


DESIGNED FOR: ANZ goMoney NZ v5.9.3, Semble for Vodafone/Spark/2Degrees v1.7.0-1.9.0, TVNZ OnDemand v2.4-2.6.0 and 3NOW v2.0-2.0.4

[update] Added Support for ANZ GoMoney NZ v5.9.3 (No backwards Compatibility)

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