Wednesday, April 19, 2017

AdBlocker Reborn

This is the reborn version of Adblocker, which helps you block advertisements.

It can block advertisements in many aspects according to a pre-loaded-list, such as activities, views, hosts-based, webview-based, receivers and many many more.

It does not affect system hosts file, and does not conflict with it either. It also has whitelist feature so you can easily control it. You can also use it along with AdAway or other adblockers to extend its power, especially built-in app ads.

This module is being actively developed, and I will update it about every ten days. If you have any issues or want to contribute to the project, feel free to contact me by Github.



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Source code URL:



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Release type: 

Stable (low risk of bugs)


com.aviraxp.adblocker.continued_v25_a83b6f.apk (304.14 KB)

Number of downloads: 

2,938 in total · 2,938 in the last 24 hours

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 11:03


- Same as 1.8, just fix some derps

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