BatteryCare+ is a complimentary app for Sony Xperia XZ/XC devices to make its BatteryCare app more effective and useful. Your phone needs to be either rooted and/or with Xposed framework installed for BatteryCare+ to work.

1. Use system alarm clock to predict unplug time for ultimate accuracy (Xposed is required)
2. Display last 5 charging history (Root is required)
3. Display detailed charging timeline for last charging instance (Root is required)
4. Display BatteryCare internally calculated Score and Less Than 1 Week values for troubleshooting (Xposed is required)
5. Display and reset Blocked Time (Root and Xposed are required)
6. Reactivate plug in dialog box (Xposed is required)

1. Sony Xperia XZ/XC phone (and)
2. Rooted (or)
3. Xposed framework installed

Latest Xperia phones come with a new app BatteryCare which is supposed to prolong battery life by reducing the time of overcharging. It tries to learn your charging pattern and predicts the time when you normally unplug the phone. Once learning period is finished, the next time you charge your phone, BatteryCare kicks in. Charging will pause once battery is 90% full and resume automatically some time before the predicted plug time to finish the last 10%.

The problem is that the prediction is not always accurate using Qnovo algorithm. BatteryCare+ improves the prediction by using your alarm clock instead. So basically no prediction is needed anymore and it's much more accurate if you're using your phone also as an alarm clock. This part requires Xposed framework to work.

BatteryCare+ is not replacing BatteryCare. It just improves its prediction accuracy. BatteryCare still needs about 1 week of learning data and with more than 70% accuracy score in order to kick in when it predicts the charging time is at least 4 hours.

If your phone is also rooted, BatteryCare+ can also display your charging history as well as a detailed charging timeline so you can understand the learning progress better.

This app/module is tested only on my Xperia XC phone but is supposed to also work on XZ or any other Xperia phone with BatteryCare.



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Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 15:43


- Accuracy table is now scrollable and shows 10 records
- Improved UI description when Score or Less Than 1 Week conditions are not met
- New Bypass USB Charging menu action so USB charging will not activate Smart Charging