Pokemon GO (c) direct MitM

No-server MitM right for your Pokemon GO (c)
This package works with network communication of PoGo directly, processing data send and received without any additional modules, proxies and so on.
Current stable version can:

Visualise IVs for pokemon in your posession.

Show remaining time of a lure module.

Export pokemon and candy data to file.

Spreadsheet for calculations, with instructions inside, can be found here Goodle Docs
Make sure that both module and PoGo have Storage Permissions. App uses them to store settings, PoGo - to read them. If you experience crashes of UI, or PoGo app at start, first check permissions. If it still crashes, please provide feedback via Issues on Github (support link).
IV output format is "Grade Perfection% Attack Defense Stamina Level". Grade is A for 100 to 91 perfection, B for 90 to 81 and so on. With grade, you can sort pokemons A-Z to have best first, then good, then worse etc.
All hacks implemented now don't modify data sent to Niantic servers, only examine it. They modify data going back, to add gist to it.
This hack don't do additional request, so it does not overload Niantic servser. No 'data scraping'.
I had not heard/read about bans for this or similar modules. If I ever know of such, I will inform users wherever I can and pause distribution.
Module is field-tested and working with version 0.39.1.



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Updated for 0.52+ support with Gen 2.