Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Smart Network

This an automated way to change your mobile data state (Off, 2G/GSM only, 3G...), switch NFC/Bluetooth ON/Off, disconnect WiFi or turn it Off when your screen is Off, this should help you improve your battery life.

☆ Disable Data Auto synchronization when your screen is Off
☆ Switch automatically to 2G / Edge or any other mode when your screen is Off
☆ Switch GPS automatically to any mode when your screen is Off (KitKat+)
☆ Turn Off your mobile data when your screen is Off
☆ Disconnect your current WiFi AP when your screen is Off
☆ Turn Off WiFi service when your screen id Off
☆ White list applications for WiFi, GPS, and Mobile data
☆ WiFi SSID White list for WiFi changes
☆ Turn Off NFC when screen is Off
☆ Turn Off Bluetooth when screen is Off
☆ Delay options for each connection type
☆ Timers to activate periodically WiFi/Data/Sync while screen is Off
☆ Wait for screen unlock before turning ON services

☆ Please make sure Xposed framework is installed, then enable this module on Xposed installer and Reboot.
☆ Reactivating your 3G/LTE network mode may take a few delay depending on your network area coverage.
☆ This App will NOT work if the System is still booting (so do NOT turn Off the device manually just after it boots up).



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Tuesday, August 8, 2017 - 19:57


- Android Nougat support (Thanks to apsun for the remote prefs library)
- Added an Anti theft feature (it forces gps mode to high accuracy and prevent device reboot/shutdown)
- Bugs fixes

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