Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Xposed hosts blocker.

This app blocks host names of advertising, malware, spam, phone-home etc sites. You could import "hosts"-files by given urls.
With this app you have no more to alter the /etc/hosts file on the system partition, which was also a problem on some devices (eg Nexus 7) because changes where reverted after reboot.

Name resolution request are answered with "No address associated with the hostname". This is even better than a common hosts file with redirects to, because no connection attemp follows. For logging of hostnames is no tcpdump needed!

If you want to block content of websites, you have to use a browser app which does not tunnels everything through a proxy! This is because the proxy does also the name resolution. Negative examples I found: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera Browser does not work.
I'm using Dolphin Jetpack, which works fine for me. Some more info in post #47 of the XDA thread.

This app will NOT be release in the Play Store because of Google's policy. Other apps like AdAway or AdFree where removed in the past... But you could anyway donate in the Play Store and/or on my website.


No support of native querying binaries.


You support this app!

Some hosts file import/export/sharing options

Logging of not denied host names

Blacklist/Whitelist/Patterns (Regex)

Timed download: 150 minutes after reboot, then every 4 days


RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: set timer for download

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: download only via W-Lan

INTERNET: downloading of files

WAKE_LOCK: don't sleep while dl/import

EXTERNAL_STORAGE: export/import files

This app connects only to the websites you see for downloading hosts files!

Website: http://apk.defim.de



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Stable (low risk of bugs)

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Monday, April 17, 2017 - 03:37


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